Tattoo Removal

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Tattoo Removal

People may want to remove their tattoos due to different reasons. Today, thanks to developing technologies, getting rid of tattoos has become much easier.

With the use of lasers in skin problems in the last 10 years and especially Q-Switched lasers with increased control and pulse quality, dye and pigment substances in the skin are removed through disintegration. Due to their high success rate and ability to leave almost no trace, Q-Switch Lasers are now the most preferred technology solution for tattoo removal.

The main mechanism of the Q-Switch Lasers is to separate the dyestuffs into small particles by applying the monochromatic dense light in a very short period of time in accordance with the dye in the skin. The instantaneous heat increase with nano-second shots is about 1500° C in the tissue. However, despite this heat, the damage on the tissue is extremely small due to the fact that the laser shots are made within 3/4 of a billionth of a second.

When we look at the technological solutions, we see that Q-Switch Lasers using different wavelengths, CO2 and Erbium lasers are popular in some special cases. With the help of these technologies, multi-color tattoos are successfully removed.

Beautyform Medical Tattoo Removal Solution

The Beautyform Medical provides Q-Switch Nd-YAG and Fractional CO2 Laser technologies to meet our customers' tattoo removal needs.

Whether light, dark, young or mature skin, Beautyform Medical tattoo removal solutions we offer gives maximum results with safe, result-oriented treatments with almost no side effects in all parts of the body and face.

Most tattoo colors are removed with Q-Switch Lasers. Yellow, white, and especially the skin color is more difficult to remove. In these cases, CO2 or Erbium Laser can be applied for tattoo removal. It is observed that CO2 Laser is more successful than Erbium lasers due to the fact that it penetrates deep.

Frequently, we encounter questions such as "Should we prefer Alex Q-Switch Laser or Nd-YAG Q-Switch Laser or CO2 Laser?". As a result of internationally accepted scientific studies, we would like to express that it is important to choose the right device or devices in the preferred technology rather than the technology itself. Each device with the correct parameters in the field can effectively remove tattoos. The Beautyform Medical will provide you with the most suitable solution for your purpose (tattoo removal, increasing your treatment options, operating costs, etc.).

What are the treatable areas?

In theory, almost any tattoo in the body can be removed. The most frequently treated areas;


  • Forehead
  • Cheeks
  • Jaw and jaw line
  • Neck

Body Area

  • Cleavage
  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Legs
  • Hands

Number of Sessions and Intervals

It varies according to the technology options used and the type of tattoo. There are different applications from a couple of session to 10 sessions of treatment. Session intervals may vary from 6 to 8 weeks.

Tattoo Removal Treatment Results

If appropriate and accurate technology or technologies are used In the case of tattoo removal, the results are presented as a skin whose color lightens and the tattoo is gradually removed from the first session. High customer satisfaction will be achieved.