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The Magnesphere is a whole-body immersion system that utilizes very precise, extremely low-level electromagnetic fields (EMF) to enhance feelings of relaxation and to combat pain and inflammation throughout the body. It re-sets and rebalances your Autonomic Nervous System, allowing your body to return to its innate healing capacity.


  • Significantly reduces stress, anxiety, brain fog
  • Improves mood and sense of well being
  • Increases collagen in the whole body
  • Helps with generalized muscle pain, joint pain, aches
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves symptoms of tingling and numbness
  • Helps with Symptoms of MS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer
  • Helps with irregular heart rhythms
  • Helps blood pressure
  • Helpful for various neurological disorders
  • Increases endurance and physical capacity
  • Helps with sleep
  • Detoxification
  • As an adjunct therapy for cancer patients
  • Protocols for Pets

Introducing the Magnesphere

This cutting-edge therapy enables you to enter a “parasympathetic state,” which is when true and lasting healing can occur. We live in a “fight or flight” state for much of our lives, which stimulates the sympathetic nervous system—and this puts our bodies and systems on “high alert” and causes inflammation, stress, dysfunction and disease. Through the power of the technology, the Magnesphere can activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System, which deeply relaxes the body and inhibits or slows many high energy functions. The Magnesphere’s wavelength resonates with our cells; therefore healing occurs at the cellular level.

Magnesphere treatments are a powerful, proven and 100% safe therapy, and have shown to be beneficial in many ways.

What is Magnesphere?

The Magnesphere is a Magnetic Resonance Therapy system with extremely low-level, natural magnetic fields. Our FDA-authorized claim of “Enhancing Feelings of Relaxation” helps reduce the symptoms associated with chronic stress.

Bring Balance to the Body

By stimulating the Vagus nerve, our precise fields produce a balancing effect on the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), resulting in enhanced feelings of relaxation. Which may lead to a decrease in the emotional and physiological effects of chronic stress.

Chronic Stress adversely affects disease states and chronic conditions of many types, leading to an exacerbation of symptoms (typically pain, inflammation, energy level, digestion, and sleep).

Magnesphere Magnetic Resonance Therapy

Magnesphere Magnetic Resonance Therapy

Improved Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

By measuring HRV we are able to objectively demonstrate a change in the key biomarker for the ANS and stress, and provide a graph that charts the improvement during the session.

Want to add Magnesphere to your practice?

The Magnesphere is the only device that offers...
Magnesphere Magnetic Resonance Therapy
Magnesphere Magnetic Resonance Therapy
Magnesphere Magnetic Resonance Therapy
Magnesphere Magnetic Resonance Therapy
Magnesphere Magnetic Resonance Therapy
Magnesphere Magnetic Resonance Therapy


TESLA FORMER | Gain Muscle & Burn Fat simultaneously

TESLA FORMER | Gain Muscle, Burn Fat & Shape Your Body!

Frequently Asked Questions

The most ideal individuals are those with a body mass index of 30 or less. However, anyone can benefit from Tesla Former.

A minimum of 6 sessions with 30 minutes of duration is required. Sessions are applied with an interval of 2-3 days.

Because Tesla Former is a non-invasive procedure, there is no healing process. You also do not need to prepare or maintain before or after the application.

You will feel no pain during the session. Muscle fatigue may last for 2-3 days after the session, as you would feel after an intensive workout at the gym.

The Tesla Former application gives you a high intensity exercise feeling. The application is done lying down in a comfortable way.

You will start to feel the changes from the first session. You will see the actual results approximately 2 weeks to 4 weeks after the end of the last session and the results will continue to improve.