DoubleTite - Microneedling | RF | HA / Skin Booster Injector

DoubleTite enhances skin rejuvenation effect in two layers of the dermis (Papillary Dermis, Reticular Dermis respectively) with RF energy and injection in Reticular Dermis.


  • Skin Hydration
  • Elasticity
  • Wrinkles
  • Large Pores
  • Skin Rejuvenation

Developed by Dermatologists
Real 3D Needle

  • RF Needle + Booster Injector
  • Different Length, Different Depth, Target Papillary Dermis, Reticular Dermis
  • Different Shape, Different Function
  • Specialized Needle Angle

Why DoubleTite?

The papillary dermis is the uppermost layer of the dermis. It intertwines with the rete ridges of the epidermis and is composed of fine and loosely arranged collagen fibers.

  • Collagen type III is mainly produced during the childhood
  • Photoaging is commonly observed
  • Due to aging, Collagen Type III gets reduced
  • Thickness : 0.3~0.4mm

The reticular dermis is the lower layer of the dermis, found under the papillary dermis, composed of dense irregular connective tissue featuring densely packed collagen fibers. It is the primary location of dermal elastic fibers.

  • Collagen type I is mainly produced
  • Control the density of dermis
  • Thickness : 1.5~2.0mm
DoubleTite Microneedling RF HA/Booster Injector Device


Real 3D RF

DoubleTite Real 3D RF
RF energy delivery by patent-designed Microneedles

In Papillary and Reticular Dermis



DoubleTite HA / Skin Booster Injection
EHDT (Electro Hydro-Dynamic Therapy)

Skin Hydration Collagen Remodeling Long-lasting Effect



DoubleTite VVIP
Vertical Vibration Infusion Probe

Widespread, increased systemic absorption of injectables

Handpiece and Tips

DoubleTite Tips and Handpiece

Special Features of DoubleTite

DoubleTite Tips and Handpiece
Real 3D RF
  • Papillary Dermis & Reticular Dermis Stimulation
  • Remodeling of Collagen type III & Collagen type I

EHDT (Electro Hydro-Dynamic Therapy)
  • New Approach by EHDT (RF+Injection)
  • Adaptable for Various Injectables (Dermal filler, Skin booster, Toxin or Combination, etc.)

VVIP(Vertical Vibration Infusion Probe)
  • Allows Injectables to Widespread and Increases the Absorption.


Energy Base RF(Radio Frequency) - 1 Mhz
Output Power Max 20 W
Electrical Requirements AC 100V ~ 250V, 50/60 Hz, 120VA
Syringe Type 1 cc / 3 cc
Handpiece Type Mono-polar Handpiece
Operation Mode Continuous / Dose / Repeat Mode
Dimensions 438(W) x 285(D) x 1,069(H) mm
Weight 23.3 kg


Frequently Asked Questions

What is surprising about the stretch marks is that they are not actually caused by the "stretch" of the skin. People associate stretch marks with weight gain or pregnancy and think that the skin is stretched in order to fit this new, larger body. This association is so strong and the term of "stretch mark" reinforced this misperception a little more.

The real reason for stretch marks is hormones. Yes, the reason for this condition is hormonal effects. When people gain weight, hormones are produced and incorporated in the metabolic processes of adipocytes (fat cells). Therefore, when we gain and lose weight, the hormones in our body as well as those in our skin are influenced.

"stretch marks can be created in the laboratory."

For example, using only strong local cortisone creams, artificial stretch marks were created on normal skin. This result was obtained without any weight gain or loss in the subject. Steroids are similar to the hormones in our bodies, thus they cause stretch marks when applied to the skin. Since the stretch of the skin is not the case, this experiment is a positive evidence indicating that the cause of stretch mark is not the "stretch" of the skin.

"Weight gain and pregnancy change hormones."

No, weight gain does not cause stretch marks. Gaining weight affects the hormones in your body and it is an important factor to the extent that it changes hormones, but it does not cause stretch marks. The real reason is the hormonal changes occurring as a function of weight gain.

Biodermogenesi can be applied to every healthy person except for those with pregnancy and a specialized apparatus such as a cardiac pacemaker. It is a method not influencing daily life.

You can return to normal life immediately after the application of biodermogenesi. Tight clothes can be worn. There is no obstacle to the situations such as sunbathing, swimming. After the application of the biodermogenesi, not to take a cold bath for three hours is recommended (hot bath can be taken).