Biodermogenesi | Stretch Marks | Anti-ageing | Burn Scars

Biodermogenesi® is a non-invasive method for skin regeneration and synergistically works with electromagnetic fields combined with electrostimulation and vacuum.

This synergy has shown that we can regenerate our skin by reorganizing its structure. The quantitative and qualitative increase of type III collagen and elastic fibers and cell mitosis are clinically proven. Also, an increase in hydration and the normalization of pH can be followed in each case.


  • Stretch Marks
  • Anti-Ageing
  • Burn Scars & Surgical Scars
  • Cellulite
  • Skin Tightening
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation & Aesthetic Gynaecology

Biodermogenesi® is used in aesthetic medicine for the skin regeneration of the face and neck, hands and forearms, for the dermal-epidermal restructuring of stretch marks, post-surgical scars and burns, for the remodelling of breasts and buttocks. It is also used for the treatment of cellulite and for the aesthetic and vaginal rejuvenation, as well as for the treatment of vaginal atrophy.

How does it work?

The electromagnetic field reactivates the pumping of sodium and potassium through the membranes and promotes nourishment and cellular detoxification. The action of the variable intensity vacuum favours the vascular gymnastics of the arterial capillary, improving the vascularization of the tissue and increasing the supply of oxygen and nutritional elements. At the same time stimulates the recovery of the toxins present in the part of the lymphatic microcirculation matrix.

Biodermogenesi Biopsy
Biodermogenesi Biopsy

Biopsies performed before and after therapy with Biodermogenesi® (42-year-old patient with 22-year-old stretch marks, phototype VI) Archive School of Specialization in Dermatology and Venereology - University of Pisa


1. Effective on any type of stretch marks and on all skin types

2. Stretch Marks fill with an average of 83,55%

3. Reduction of the gritty sensation when touched(The Stratum Corneum, outer layer of the epidermis is 10 times thicker than the healthy skin, Biodermogenesi reduces the thickness to get back the skins ability to breath)

4. Tanning of stretch marks on all the patients who undergo the complete cycle of sessions. ( Biodermogenesi reactivates the melanocytes and gives the skin its ability to tan again. One thing should be considered as there is a destruction of melanin it takes 2-3 cycles of sun exposure for the stretch marks to tan like the healthy skin.)

5. No side effects, no downtime and no pain during or after the treatment

6. Stable results after follow-ups performed over 5 years.


1. Collagen production in 48 hours as Biodermogenesi uses Magnetic field and restructures the skin naturally(All thermal damage devices increase collagen in about 40 days as they cause damage and wait for the body heal itself(HIFU, RF etc.))

2. %37 increase in hydration

3. Reduction in excess sebum

4. Increase in type 3 collagen and elastin fibers

5. PH Normalization

6. Wrinkle reduction

7. Large pores

8. No Downtime, No pain, No possible side effects

Fields of Application

Bodyshaping Biodermogenesi Body shaping
Biodermogenesi Anti-ageing solutions Biodermogenesi Anti-ageing revitalize
Biodermogenesi Burn Scar Solution Biodermogenesi burn scar and surgical scar solution
Feminine well-being Vaginal Rejuvenation and Aesthetic Gynaecology Biodermogenesi Feminine well-being Vaginal Rejuvenation and Aesthetic Gynaecology Solution

Technical Specifications

BIO-FEED-BACK is an innovative biological effect monitoring system determined by Bi-one® 2.0 MD. When energy delivery is activated, the operating microprocessor produces the amount of energy required by the parameters set initially. This energy passes through the patient's body until it reaches the reference handpiece, firmly held by the patient himself (A). The second microprocessor, what we call supervisor (B), checks the amount of unabsorbed energy and by difference knows how much has been received by the treated biological tissue. Based on this information, the intensity and frequency of the electromagnetic field supplied (C) changes independently, second by second, so that there is the maximum regenerative response in the total absence of side effects.

Dual microprocessor technology represents the highest quality standard in the field of medical technology safety.

* BIO-FEED-BACK is the result of a hardware platform and an advanced software system exclusively owned by Expo Italia.

Biodermogenesi Technical Features
Biodermogenesi Technical Features


Frequently Asked Questions

What is surprising about the stretch marks is that they are not actually caused by the "stretch" of the skin. People associate stretch marks with weight gain or pregnancy and think that the skin is stretched in order to fit this new, larger body. This association is so strong and the term of "stretch mark" reinforced this misperception a little more.

The real reason for stretch marks is hormones. Yes, the reason for this condition is hormonal effects. When people gain weight, hormones are produced and incorporated in the metabolic processes of adipocytes (fat cells). Therefore, when we gain and lose weight, the hormones in our body as well as those in our skin are influenced.

"stretch marks can be created in the laboratory."

For example, using only strong local cortisone creams, artificial stretch marks were created on normal skin. This result was obtained without any weight gain or loss in the subject. Steroids are similar to the hormones in our bodies, thus they cause stretch marks when applied to the skin. Since the stretch of the skin is not the case, this experiment is a positive evidence indicating that the cause of stretch mark is not the "stretch" of the skin.

"Weight gain and pregnancy change hormones."

No, weight gain does not cause stretch marks. Gaining weight affects the hormones in your body and it is an important factor to the extent that it changes hormones, but it does not cause stretch marks. The real reason is the hormonal changes occurring as a function of weight gain.

Biodermogenesi can be applied to every healthy person except for those with pregnancy and a specialized apparatus such as a cardiac pacemaker. It is a method not influencing daily life.

You can return to normal life immediately after the application of biodermogenesi. Tight clothes can be worn. There is no obstacle to the situations such as sunbathing, swimming. After the application of the biodermogenesi, not to take a cold bath for three hours is recommended (hot bath can be taken).