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Agnes RF uses micro-insulated needles to delicately penetrate the skin at targeted locations. This method delivers controlled radiofrequency energy at exact temperatures, inducing a desirable tissue reaction while leaving the outermost layer(epidermis) of skin unharmed.

This technique combines the precision of microneedling with RF technology, making it particularly valuable for achieving excellent outcomes in addressing concerns around the eyes, jowls, and acne.


  • Eyebags
  • Double Chin
  • Wrinkles
  • Syringoma
  • Acne
  • Blackhead

Introducing Agnes Precision RF Technology

AGNES is a unique nonsurgical radiofrequency device that uses micro-insulated needles to precisely penetrate the skin at specific points, delivering RF energy to reduce unwanted fat and improve skin laxity.

Originally developed by Dr. Ahn, a distinguished dermatologist from Korea, AGNES RF has emerged as a transformative micro-needling innovation, initially designed to combat acne. Presently, this precision micro-needling device has garnered global recognition for its multifaceted applications in various aesthetic domains, encompassing sculpting endeavors and the management of skin pathologies.

AGNES RF distinguishes itself as an exceptional radiofrequency apparatus, distinct in its utilization of singular or triple-pin needles to meticulously channel energy into the skin with pinpoint accuracy. The strategic inclusion of partial insulation for each micro-needle serves to mitigate unwarranted impact on adjacent tissue, subsequently reducing recuperation periods. This groundbreaking energy transmission mechanism introduces an unprecedented level of accuracy to aesthetic procedures, thereby empowering you and your team to tailor AGNES treatments meticulously in accordance with the unique requisites of each patient.

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Versatile Precision RF Microneedling: The Ultimate Practice Companion

Agnes is indicated for use in dermatological and general surgical procedures for electrocoagulation and hemostasis under US FDA, 510(k) K192728.
  • Mono-polar Radiofrequency – 1 MHz Frequency
  • RF Power Levels: 1 – 25 (2W–46W) Manual Adjustment
  • RF Time Settings: 50 msec – 2,000 msec
  • User Interface: 10.1 inch LCD touch screen
  • Handpiece Types: Mono-polar Handpiece and RF Skin Booster
  • Weight: 12 lbs
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Experience the difference

There are nine different types of AGNES micro-insulated needles, and each class has a different length of insulation for the corresponding specific use. This versatility and precision make AGNES a genuinely innovative and unique device that is able to treat a multitude of areas successfully.

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How Agnes RF is different from others?

Agnes Medical has introduced a groundbreaking advancement in RF energy delivery by creating a unique Square Wave energy format, a departure from the commonly used bell-shaped Sine wave in other RF microneedling devices. Unlike the downward slope found in the curved wave, which can retain residual energy leading to potential skin burns during treatments, the Square Wave form offers a safer alternative.

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