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Offering the highest efficiency in hair removal systems (high light energy through lowest energy consumption) based on high power OPT LED technology.


  • LED Technology
  • Optimized wavelength spectrum of 755 nm – 880 nm.
  • Up to 100 million shots
  • Spot size 17 x 22mm (3.74 cm²)
  • ICE–TEC cooling system

The new Excelsior is the result of the continuous searching for maximum e˜ciency in hair removal systems (high light energy through lower energy consumption), based on high power OPT LED technology.

How LED technology works?

OPT LED technology for hair removal is based on LED chips (made in USA), which emits high-power LED light source through an optimized wavelength spectrum of 755 nm – 880 nm.
LED light is highly effective targeting the melanin of the hair follicle for a permanent hair removal. Thanks to the broad spectrum of light, it can be applied to all photo types, and all types of hair even in residuals.


  • Durability

The new Excelsior is capable to perform up to 100 million shots, maintaining its useful life for a minimum period of 5 years.

  • Large Spot Size

The new Excelsior has a large spot size of 17 x 22mm (3.74 cm²)

  • Powerful ICE-TEC Cooling System

Thanks to the powerful Ice – Tec cooling system, achieved by the latest technology thermal cells installed within the handpiece, we ensure a constant feeling of comfort during the treatment and more efficient skin protection during high energy delivery.

ICE - TEC operates between -5 and -15 degrees, which guarantees optimum performance of the OPT LED.

Excelsior Hair Removal
Excelsior Hair Removal
  • Optimised Wavelength

The LED technology incorporated in the Excelsior can emit near infrared light wavelength spectrum of 755 – 880 nm, which results are a highly effective in permanent hair removal.

  • High-Power for an Excellent Clinic Result

Energy power of 1,200w obtained by 12 LED chips of 100w each.

Due to the small size of the chips, they can be compacted separately in an optimized way inside the handle to achieve a higher power density.

The energy density of the new OPT LED light is up to 60-70% higher than conventional diode lasers.

  • High Shooting Frequency

Thanks to Excelsior frequency (1-10 Hz) it makes the device one of the fastest light systems used in hair removal.

  • Minimum Divergence of Led Light

Due to the reduce angle of divergence of LED light (less than 15%), we get a better penetration of the light energy in the skin than other systems, thus, access to deeper follicles hairs.

  • Smart Software

The software of the new Excelsior allows us to work in four treatment modes: SHR, static, continuous, and expert.

In addition, the software system holds an energy calibration function, which allows an accurate and effective energy emission, and WIFI connection, which allows remote access to the equipment aiming to check the parameters.

  • No Consumables

The new Excelsior does not need any consumables, long life span of the handpiece and low-cost maintenance service optimises the clinics profits.

  • Ergonomic and Highly Resistant Handpiece

The handle of the new Excelsior is designed to offer the greatest ergonomic to the user, allowing to reach less accessible body areas by greater comfort during usage.

The material used in the Excelsior handpiece is highly resistant, reduces the risk of damage considerably in case of a fall and / or collision.

Excelsior Hair Removal handpiece


Excelsior Hair Removal Led
Excelsior Comparison LED vs DIODE

NEW ERA in Permanent Hair Removal Technologies

Technical Specifications

Light Source OPT LED Chips
Wavelength Spectrum 755nm ~ 880nm
LED Energy Power 1.200 w
Screen Size LCD 9.8″ Color
Working mode SHR, static, continuous, and expert
Safety system Automatic Calibration
Spot Size 17 x 22 mm
Handpiece Durability 80-100 million shots
Pulse Width 9 ms – 780 ms
Energy Fluence 1 J/cm²- 100 J/cm²
Frequency 1 Hz – 10 Hz
Cooling System ICE TEC + Water cooling
Cooling Temperature -5°C -15°C


Excelsior+ | NEW ERA in Hair Removal