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NanoVi® helps repair everyday cell damage caused by what you eat, what you breathe, what you are exposed to, and oxidative stress.

Do you want to strengthen your immune system, increase your vitality, and slow the aging process?

patented NanoVi® technology produces the same biological signal your body makes to repair cell damage brought on by free radicals (also known as reactive oxygen species or ROS).

The signal from the NanoVi® device supplements the ones your body makes naturally.

The problem is, if you don’t make enough of the signal necessary to repair all the damage caused by free radicals, oxidative stress accumulates. And when free radicals and oxidative stress have the upper hand, you lose.

How does NanoVi® technology work?

The NanoVi® device augments a signal that is naturally generated by the body and is essential to cellular activity. The following 3D animation explains how NanoVi’s “bio-identical signal” assists the multi-step process of reinstalling protein functions that are essential to cellular activity.

Visualizing the difference NanoVi® makes

Cell damage is natural, and is going to occur. NanoVi® cannot prevent cell damage, but is designed to help cells after the damage has already occurred.

Here are three illustrations to explain how NanoVi® helps repair cell damage and free radicals. In each scenario, the free radicals or “bad ROS” are illustrated in red. The “good ROS” signals are illustrated in green.

In the first scenario, we see free radicals in red (the “bad ROS”) attacking a cell and causing cell damage to proteins, mitochondria, DNA, and the cell membrane. Also notice the green ROS signal, the body’s natural way of triggering repair. Once these “good” ROS emit their signal, they join the ranks of the “bad” ROS.

NanoVi helps repair everyday cell damage

Here we show a great deal of free radical damage and assume little or no protection from supplementary antioxidants. This illustration shows no outside support for the body to recover from free radical damage.

In the second scenario, we show a better-looking, or healthier cell. Here we assume the person is taking some preventive measures, primarily by supplementing with antioxidants in foods. Still the “good ROS” signal for repair remains the same.

NanoVi helps repair everyday cell damage

In the third scenario, we show the best-looking cell. This body is benefiting from antioxidants and, by adding the NanoVi™ signal, is augmenting the body’s natural ability to repair cell damage and free radicals.

NanoVi helps repair everyday cell damage

NanoVi® devices help you counteract the effects of bad reactive oxygen species by improving the good effects. We have a library of documentation proving the efficacy of the NanoVi® approach.

Watch a general explanation of how the NanoVi® device augments the repair of oxidative stress damage in the video below:

How does NanoVi® make a signal that is bio-identical to what our bodies make?

The simple answer is that NanoVi creates a specific electromagnetic wave that has precisely the same wavelength as the ‘good’ (excited) ROS produces in our cells. We were not the ones to figure out how important this wavelength is in initiating cellular repair. That work was done by cell biologists, specifically scientists studying REDOX signaling.

This innovation is to generate the precise and measurable signal inside the NanoVi® device, without producing any ROS. The signal is transferred to humidity (absorbed) and the effect is delivered to you across humidified air. Avoiding the production of any kind of reactive oxygen species is a key aspect of NanoVi® technology. University research verified that NanoVi® technology produces precisely the correct signal.


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