Diode Laser

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What is Diode Laser?

Diode lasers use semiconductor technology that provides a consistent reflection of the light in the visible and infrared ranges (300-3,000nm). It uses a narrow spectrum light beam that targets specific chromophores of the skin. Compared to other laser systems such as Ruby and Alexandrite, the 800nm diode laser wavelength for hair removal offers deep penetration levels and superior melanin absorption. These unique features allow diode lasers to be one of the most suitable technologies for hair removal, and to treat all skin and hair types safely and effectively in all body areas.

How Do Diode Lasers Work?

Diode lasers use the principle of selective photo thermolysis (SPTL) to target skin-specific chromophores, usually melanin or blood. The laser selectively damages the chromophores by heating, without damaging the surrounding tissues. For example, when treating unwanted hair, melanin in hair follicles is targeted and damaged. This causes deterioration in hair growth and regeneration. Generally, diode lasers increase the treatment effectiveness and patient comfort with its internal cooling technology. Diodes with state of the art technology are extremely comfortable and pain-free.

Beautyform Medical Diode Laser Solution?

Beautyform Medical offers a variety of solutions in diode technology, which have become "Gold Standard" in their class.

  • Using Linear Scanner technology for hair removal, LinScan has proven its superior safety and efficacy in clinical trials and long-term clinical applications. LinScan is impressive with its linear scanning technology, short pulse duration, effective contact cooling and fast performance. LinScan has a spot size of 50 x 15 mm, which ensures that these sessions are completed in a short time.

Our Diode Laser, Indications:

  • Diode 808nm
    • Hair Removal
    • Facial telangiectasis
    • Nail fungus (onychomycosis)

Number of sessions and application of Diode Laser?

It varies according to the type of treatment.

  • Hair removal takes approximately 4-8 sessions. Session intervals are 4-6 weeks.
  • Facial telangiectasis and erythema take 2-3 sessions. Session intervals are 4 weeks.
  • Nail fungus takes 6 sessions. Intervals for first four sessions are 2 weeks, and then 4 weeks for last 2 sessions.